Website Development.

What's considered a fully functional, searchable website and why do you need one ?

Speaking from a web developer's perspective , we have a few interdisciplinary skills and roles. These include graphic design, web design, copyrwitghting, copyediting. Customers that are new to website planning, come to us with a concept, an idea, from which we develop a character of that vision. Depending on how detailed our customer requests their website to be, a preview is often ready within 72 hours. Once we develop the character of the website, which in most cases involve graphics, and the  first five pages, we construct a content rich informational architecture, which in a way, resembles a family tree.

That family tree will grow, as the more pages you add, with relevant content, the more appealing the website will be to search engines like google. / Two Sea Monsters, LLC is a small business, always working hard and delivering the highest quality, personal content. We are located in the Adirondacks, and for the love of Lake Placid, NY, the mountains, and the community, we strive to make your business succeed. 

We chose this small but diverse community for its beauty, the people and the mountains. Along with a North Country lifestyle, comes the challenge of economic growth. The slow economic growth of our area makes it unique, as more and more local residents decide to open small shops, cafe's, and services that were born from our local, natural resources.

So Why do you need a website ?

The simple answer is: With more exposure, you spread more happiness, with more happiness, you help others feel good about themselves, and when you accomplish that, you make a difference in your life as well as someone else's. Oh, and of course, you will make more money to travel and spread even more love !

Website Package Options.

What fits your needs ? 
Small Business, Professional and Premium packages create fully functional, accessible and searchable websites. You can select one of the three options below, and also add features such as custom content, advanced SEO, copywriting, content management system, and whether you want to manage your own website or hire us to manage it for you.

Simple, clean and beautiful website, 5 pages of content. We design it for sports schools and teams - hockey, soccer, football etc. Instruction - yoga, jiu jitsu, martial arts, fitness trainer, fitness gym. Hair salons, hairdressers and stylists. Small restaurants. We work with a variety of platforms

that enable our customers to manage websites on their own.

A more complex but clean and responsive website, 7 + pages of content. We design it for medium sized businesses. Restaurants, Pubs, Coffee Shops, Breweries that offer online ordering. Small stores, Boutiques with an eCommerce store. 

Large business website, 10 + pages of content. We design it for large inventory businesses. We work with a variety of platforms that can track customers, inventory, sales, marketing and analytics.

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