Simple, clean and beautiful website, 5 pages of content. We design it for sports schools and teams - hockey, soccer, football etc. Instruction - yoga, jiu jitsu, martial arts, fitness trainer, fitness gym. Hair salons, hairdressers and stylists. Small restaurants. We work with a variety of platforms

that enable our customers to manage websites on their own.

Professional Website Package - $7,000
The Professional Website Package includes:
 1.         Up to 5 web pages (more can be added at extra cost)
​          ​
 2.         Basic content on each page (industry specific, you are welcome to provide me with more content of                     your own that you'd like to see on your website, I will repeat myself again below, watch for it)
 3.        5 stock images or I can stop by your location and take photos for the website,
 4.        1 contact form that will enable your customers to contact you via email
 5.      a google friendly sitemap: a sitemap is a must if you want your business to be found in google                             searches. A  sitemap allows google to crawl and index your site, while gaining understanding of what                 your website  and business is all about.
 6.       Basic SEO (title on each page and description). Each page needs a title (ex. Lady Wonder's Hair Salon |               Lake Placid, NY ) and a description (Lady Wonder's Hair Salon in Lake Placid, NY is a stylist salon that                   offers tanning, hair styling, women's and men's hair cuts, pedicures, manicures and Brazilian, front and               back waxing - where's THAT emoji? ) both need to contain specifically targeted, valuable keywords in                 reference to your business and what services it offers. I use an google analytics tool to research each                   keyword for you. 
 7.      Basic but RICH, industry specific content. The process goes something like this: I research your type of               business in and outside of the area, and write a paragraph using high quality keywords from my earlier               search shenanigans.
 8.     A responsive, modern design. Your website will be responsive, meaning it responds to the viewer's                      behavior and environment based on your computer's / tablet's/ mobile phone's screen size,                                 platform and  orientation.
 9.     Does not include a mobile version of your website. Mobile website is an additional $300

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