Large Business.

Large business website, 10 + pages of content. We design it for large inventory businesses. We work with a variety of platforms that can track customers, inventory, sales, marketing and analytics.

Custom Website Package -  $15,000                   
The Custom Website Package includes:
  • Up to 10 pages (quote me for more than 10 )
  • Advanced content on each page (industry specific)
  •  Stock images or I can stop by your location and take photos for the website
  • Contact forms/Surveys/Polls that will enable your customers to contact you via email and gain more interaction
  • A google friendly sitemap: a sitemap is a must if you want your business to be found in google searches. A sitemap allows google to crawl and index your site, while gaining understanding of what your website and business is all about.
  • Advanced SEO (title on each page and description). Each page needs a title (ex. Lady Wonder's Hair Salon | Lake Placid, NY ) and a description (Lady Wonder's Hair Salon in Lake Placid, NY is a stylist salon that offers tanning, hair styling, women's and men's hair cuts, pedicures, manicures and Brazilian, front and back waxing - where's THAT emoji? ) both need to contain specifically targeted, valuable keywords in reference to your business and what services it offers. I use an google analytics tool to research each keyword for you. 
  • Advanced, RICH, industry specific content. The process goes something like this: I research your type business in and outside of the area, and write a paragraph using high quality keywords from my earlier search shenanigans.
  • A responsive, modern design. Your website will be responsive, meaning it responds to the viewer's behavior and environment based on your computer's / tablet's/ mobile phone's screen size, platform and orientation.
  • Does not include a mobile version of your website. Mobile version is an additional $300 (you need one)
  • Most Large Business Websites are eCommerce store or specialty websites.

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